I got burnt by hot glue and it is an open burn. What should I do to heal it?

Most normal household burns can be treated at home using simple home remedies; however if it is a third degree burn, then you will need to get proper medical attention and adequate treatment. If the burn is about the size of a dollar coin for adults, and a quarter coins for children, then you can use the following home remedies to treat it yourself. The immediate reaction to a burn can help to control its intensity. If you have been burnt, immediately put the burnt area under cold water, but take care not to run the water too cold since extreme cold can also kill skin cells. Running cool water will control the damage and also soothe the immediate pain. Alternately you can immerse the burnt area in cold milk for 15 to 20 minutes. Whole milk is beneficial for treating burns and soothing the pain, so you can even apply a cloth soaked in cold milk on the burnt area and then wipe the area gently with a cloth soaked in cold water to avoid the smell of residue milk. It is important to keep the burnt area clean, by washing it gently with a mild soap or just cool water and antiseptic liquid. You should ensure that the burn stays dry and is protected with a thick lining of gauze after you have washed it. Vitamins A, C and E are beneficial for all kinds of skin problems, so you should immediately increase your intake to speed the healing process. Zinc, found in wheat-germ crab meat and low-fat dairy products is also beneficial for treating skin burns.

Apart from this, you can also apply the juice of Aloe Vera on the burn, once it has healed a little, to speed the healing process and reduce the chances of an ugly scar. Do not apply the juice of an open wound. Similarly applying Vitamin E oil, olive oil, pumpkin seeds oil, wheat germ oil and even lavender oil on the burn can help to reduce the stinging pain and ensure that it heals without blisters and scars. Immediate application of comfrey oil or comfrey leaves on the burn can help to reduce the extent of damage and speed the healing process. St. John's herb is used very often to treat burns. You can prepare an infusion with the flowers of the plant and use it to wipe the burnt area. Alternately you can soak 250 g of flowers in 500 ml of virgin olive oil in a clear glass bottle and allow it to stand in the sun for 8 weeks at the end of which the oil will turn red. Strain this liquid and use it to clean and dress burn wounds to ensure speedy healing without blisters and scars.

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