How to treat a blood blister on the scalp?

Blood blisters are infectious and painful calling for immediate attention. Allowing it to heal on its own is an effective remedy. An injury or rupture to the pre-existing injury results in a blood blister. Application of an ice pack provides relief. If the blister is about to break, it is done with the help of a sterilized needle. Inflammation and pain is reduced by taking over-the-counter painkillers. Keep your head in an elevated or raised position. Placing soft cotton padding helps in preventing injury. Blood between the layers of the skin is pushed at a fast pace, thereby resulting in a blood blister.

Symptoms such as continuous pain, weakness and disability to utilize the affected part calls for immediate attention. Keep your head clean and dry. The padding or dressing is changed on becoming dirty. A change is recommended everyday. Dressing or bandaging is stopped, after complete recovery. Cutting the old skin, post healing can be done with a physician's help. Complete cure takes place in a week or two. Blood blister on the toes or limbs can be removed by placing a heated and sterilized paper clip. This result in blister breakage and blood flow. Discomfort and pain is reduced by following any of the above said remedies. Preventing the blister from growing further is the most important goal of treatment. A visit to a dermatologist is recommended.

answered by Dr C

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