Home remedies for blister on clitoris

Blisters are normally due to friction or a minor burn. These blisters generally do not require the care of a doctor. The blister generally heals itself and the new skin will form under the affected skin. The fluid that is formed will eventually be absorbed. Make sure not to burst or puncture the blister unless it is very painful or if it will be subject to further friction as the dead skin that keeps the fluid in the blister and helps protect the affected area from an infection.

If you must do this make sure you use a sterilized needle (you can sterilize it by putting the edge into a flame until it turns red hot). Wash the affected area clean and then using the needle create a small hole, and then gently squeeze the fluid out. If the fluid that comes out is white or yellow in color then it is probably infected, which means that you will have to consult a doctor for further treatment. If not then once the blister is drained apply a small amount of a topical antibiotic cream to stop the development of an infection. Apply a bandage to the treated blister and make sure not too warp it around too tight.

answered by G R

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