Home Remedy for Breast Firming: My breasts are large and are not firm they look odd as compared to whole body. please tell a home made remedy?

All organs of the body are susceptible to daily wear and tear and hence require to be really cared for. Over time breasts also tend to lose their shape, texture and tone and this is noticed most in middle aged women. The female breasts are made up of adipose tissue which is a collection of fatty tissue that is collected under the skin of the breasts. The adipose tissue is held in place by the Cooper's ligaments that tend to become weak and lose their firmness with age. As a result the breasts on the whole lose their firmness and tend to sag. This is more obvious in breasts that are large as compared to small or average sized breasts. There are various commercial products in the form of lotions, creams, breasts pumps that are available to restore the firmness and shape of the breast and even surgery; however these may be very expensive and may even have harmful side effects in some cases. Some natural methods for firmed breasts include mixing one lemon and half a cup of good quality rum and let it remain overnight. In the morning this liquid should be applied to the breasts while massaging them and should be washed off with a cold shower. Similarly, another remedy for firm breast is cold showers or even simply going over the breasts with some ice cubes on a regular basis. Some women also prepare a natural breast mask to get firm breast. This involves grinding one large cucumber, a teaspoon of high fat dessert cream and the white of one egg in a blender to form a smooth paste. This paste should then be applied to the breast and allowed to remain for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with some cold water.

During pregnancy women have to wear a firm supportive bra so that the breasts do not sag towards the final trimester and post pregnancy. Additionally, vitamin E supplements and plenty of water should also be consumed during pregnancy to minimize stretch marks on the breast and to keep them supple. Another healthy way of getting firm breasts is through chest building exercises that mainly concentrate on the pectoral muscle. This pectoral muscle is mainly responsible for firm breast as it is underlying the adipose breast tissue. This is because with continuous exercise the pectoral muscles gets toned and firm and hence the adipose tissue can prop itself out resulting in firm and well rounded breasts.

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One reason for sagging breasts is age. As we advance in age, our skin loses its elasticity and the ability to hold up things. Breasts sag during pregnancy, menopause and weight loss especially after crash dieting when you lose weight drastically. If you are a young woman with sagging breasts, you may not be wearing the right bra or getting enough support from your bra. Wear a proper fitting bra to prevent further sagging. Try some breast firming exercises. The best and most effective exercise to build the pectoral muscles which underlie the chest is the push-up.

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