Remedies For Indigestion Caused By Aspirin

Indigestion can be caused by several medicines and its effect varies from individual to individual. Aspirin causes constipation in many people and this leads to indigestion and hard stool which causes uneasiness and discomfort.

Lots of home remedies are available for gastric trouble but if the gastric trouble is due to medicinal intake only a few would work out better. Taking garlic in any form, either directly or in any vegetable would aid in better digestion of food. It would also help in clearing the unwanted and the blocked food in the intestine and assist in digestion.

Curd taken in any form either directly or as buttermilk would help in digesting the food which is blocked anywhere in the digestive channel and it can be easily pushed out along with other undesirable materials.

Other simple measures for indigestion cure can be adapted too. Increasing the amount of fiber in the food as well as fruits and leafy vegetables can help in proper digestion of the food. Any shift in the dietary intake too at times causes constipation when the individual is on medication. So maintaining proper dietary schedule too would help considerably as a natural cure for constipation.

Specific breathing exercises and yoga would help the body to function normally and remove constipation thereby providing comfort to the people suffering from constant indigestion and constipation. A normal walk or swimming can help a proper body exercise and cure the patient of constipation.

answered by S C

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