Health advices for bone spurs on legs

Osteophytes or bone spurs, commonly seen in conditions like arthritis (they can also form on their own) are tiny bone projections that grow along the joints. Yes bone spurs can occur on the joints or even the ligaments and tendons which connect the bone on any bone of the body including your legs. Commonly they occur in the joints between the hips, knees, feet, shoulder, elbow, fingers or even spine. They can cause severe pain or even limit joint motions causing disability.

The treatment for bone spurs would largely depend on the joint which it is affected and the associated health problem. The exact cause for formation of bone spurs is not yet clear; however aging and underlying joint diseases are largely responsible for it. Some bones spurs can remain undetected if there are no signs and symptoms, but some might cause sever pain if it rubs against other bones or pushes nerves. To prevent any complications consult a specialist (orthopedic) to diagnose the exact position of your bone spurs in the legs and the treatment would follow accordingly.

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You can have bone spurs only at a joint where they (2 bones) rub together. So the parts of leg i.e. knees, foot can have bone spurs.

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