Bone Cancer

by Carol Gomes

There are mainly two types of bone cancer, osteosarcoma which is developed in the tissues of growing bones and chrondosarcoma which projects out in cartilage. The cancer in bone is called as bone cancer or if it is in the bone marrow then it is called as bone marrow cancer.

The symptoms are, in the initial stage is pains in the bones. Further it shows signs of swelling, tenderness, difference in movement of bones, fatigue, fever, weight loss or anemia. The marrow which is at the centre of bones has two types.

Fat marrow or Cellural marrow, if abnormal cells are noticed, which are not normally found, such as inflammatory processed cells these cells can be cancer cells. The diagnosis test performed on bone marrow indicates, conditions which are different that affect the blood cells showing presence of cancer cells.

Bone tumors can be primary tumors, these are the tumors that originate in the bone and secondary tumors originate elsewhere other than the bone. Some of the bone tumors are benign bone tumors which are not cancerous, however the malignant ones are osteosarcoma, chrondosarcoma, etc. and other types of sarcoma. These cancers have the ability to spread and grow elsewhere in the body.

However secondary tumors happen from tumors present elsewhere in the body, these are metastatic tumors and might have their origin in lungs, breast cancer or prostate cancer. Bone cancer generally develops as a lump or a mass which is usually painless, the pain in bone cancer appears much later. Therefore, there are not many symptoms of bone cancer other than growth of a mass and unusual growth of a bone.

There are chances that the cancer cells attack the bone directly causing it to weaken, this might also cause fractures for the patient. The treatment for bone cancer depends on each type of cancer. Most of the times treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy might not be useful on certain types of bone cancer like the chrondosarcoma. In most cases of bone cancer the best treatment is taken as surgery and removal of growth of the mass or tumor that has appeared.

Bone cancer is a relatively easy type of cancer to diagnose and to treat. Though this is cancer and therefore, presents similar type of dangers like other types of cancers do, there are chances that you might be able to discover it well in time and start treatment for bone cancer as fast as possible.

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