I was told today that I have a bone spur on my knee cap. Why do I have so much pain on the back of the knee

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Bone spurs are protrusions that cause severe pain. The spur on the kneecap further pushes your kneecap into the joint and hence the back of the knee is under severe duress owing to the additional pressure. The penetrating pain from spurs can be brought down by placing on the back of your knee an ice pack to the inflamed area four or five times a day. Hold an ice pack tied up in a soft turkish towel or a thick cloth and keep it on the area for 15 - 20 minutes. Remove the pack for the same amount of time that you applied and put it back again on in the same area. Repeat this process several times till you feel the pain ebbing off. Ice is known to be a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent and a routine that is continued over a period of time will greatly help to bring down the painful condition.

Heat also works just as fine. A hot water bottle or a heating pad which is as hot as can be tolerated must be used on the application at the same time that the cold pack is used. Gently massaging the spur will also help in rushing up blood to the affected area and helping to reduce inflammation. Heat however must be used with great judgment, do keep looking out for signs of swelling and if you notice any welling up do not use any kind of heat therapy at all.

answered by C B

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