What is the best way out for a thigh pain for 2 years?

Thigh aches can be due to many reasons like over exertion, general body weakness, muscle or ligament strain, long standing hours etc. As you have this pain since 2 years, it would be advisable to consult a specialist to know the exact cause for the pain. Try these home remedies to ease your thigh pain.

  • Rub tea tree oil in downwards direction that is massage starting from upper thigh moving towards the knee.
  • Mix clove oil with coconut oil in equal proportions and gently over the affected thigh muscle; this will provide relief for thigh aches.
  • Ginger has excellent pain killing properties. Include liberal amounts of ginger in your daily diet.
  • Place around 6cms high cushion beneath your legs for better blood circulation in legs and sleep straight on your back.
  • When the pain is too much soak your legs in a bucket of warm water with salt in it for 10-15 minutes before sleeping. This will help relax your paining legs and thighs.

answered by S P

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