Itchy Thigh: The Area Of My Thigh Around My Groin At Times Gets Itchy And Chapped. What Would Be The Matter?

Itchy thighs occurs due to jock itch which is a fungal infection affecting the inner thighs, groin and buttocks. Jock itch may lead to red, ring shaped and itchy rashes affecting the moist area of the body. It leads to itching and rashes in the genitals, buttocks and groin. Inflammation can take place leading further to peeling of the skin This infection is seen mostly in men.

This infection occur in people who sweat a lot, in over weight individuals, in those who share towels or clothes with the affected person, those who have intercourse with the affected person where the infected groin can touch the vagina or the thighs leading to transfer of infection. Sweating in the private area creates a humid surrounding in the private area thus aggravating the growth of fungus. This infection is not dangerous except fore those who have weak immune system like men suffering from HIV.

Wearing loose fitting clothes and cotton undergarments which is not too tight can be effective. Apply topical anti fungal creams and dry the private area thoroughly to avoid moisture in the thighs. If using a gym, clean the exercise equipment before using. Athletics need to clean themselves after their activities.

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Could be just an itch or it could be dry skin or could be your legs touching too much (if thats the case). Try cocoa butter. it helps in a lot of ways.

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