How do you get a burn to stop burning with the help of natural cures?

A burning sensation on the skin can be caused by infection, injuries, or actual burns. Burning skin can be quite painful and therefore it is important that you get it treated as soon as possible. The easiest thing to do in such a situation is to get immediate first aid. The simplest and best first aid for burning skin is diluted vinegar. While a lot of people use synthetic vinegar, it is best to use organic vinegar like apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is an effective pain killer and also has bactericidal properties. If the burning is caused by a rash or an infection, diluted vinegar can relax the irritated skin and soothe it. Vinegar usually causes intermittent relief. So if the pain flares up, simply apply it once again or use a cold compress.

Using a cold compress is an effective remedy for burning skin. However, ice should never be directly applied to the burning skin because it does more harm than good. If you are applying a cold compress to the affected area, always use ice wrapped in a piece of cloth or plastic bag. Lavender essential oil is also another great remedy for burns, rashes, and infections. Usually lavender is not used without a carrier oil because it is a highly concentrated oil that can cause skin irritation. It is best to mix a few drops of lavender oil with some rubbing alcohol and then use it on the affected area. Simply smear the lavender oil solution on the burnt area. Alternatively, you can also soak a piece of cotton or gauze with a mixture of equal amounts of lavender oil and olive oil. Use the cloth to cover the affected area. Lavender oil is antiseptic and acts as a pain killer. It also promotes quicker healing of the affected skin. Continued application of lavender oil helps the burn heal without leaving any scars.

Aloe vera gel is also an excellent remedy for burnt skin. Home grown aloe vera can be used to obtain this gel. Aloe vera gel has many healing properties and is excellent against infections. The gel is cold and soothes the burning skin to promote healing. If you have developed rashes and itchy bumps on your skin, it is perhaps due to a condition known as urticaria. This is a condition that is caused when an antigen is absorbed into the intestines, through the intestinal walls. The burning may also be caused due to an allergic reaction. A lot of people are allergic to commonly obtained food materials like eggs, strawberries and shellfish. The burning that is caused by these problems can be treated by using herbs like cassia and basil. Cucumber juice and sandalwood have cooling properties and are also often used.

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Home Tips for Burning Skin

The most elementary thing to do when encountering a burn is to end the burning process. Splash as much cold water as you can on the part for the first initial 15 to 30 minutes of experiencing a burn. Once you begin to get some relief form the burn, you can stop. However take care to see that you do not use ice cubes or iced water when dousing out the burning sensation. That can cause the burn to worsen even further.

If the burn has been caused due to contact then place the burnt skin under direct running water, preferably under a tap. Let the cold water run on the injured part for as long as it can.  If the burn has taken place due to fatty substances such as scalding oil or grease then gently get rid of the material that is on the injured part, clothes etc. wash off the substance with cold water and then soaked the burnt area under cold water. Do not let running water be placed on it. Instead a good soak should relieve the skin. If the clothing has stuck to the skin, do not attempt to pull it out, it may also lift the skin with it. At such times you would need to rush o a doctor as soon as possible.

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