Remedies For Skin Burning On Penis

The burning inflammation is usually attributed to a fungal infection. Candidiasis widely affects male and female population alike. Put a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton pad or gauze and apply it to the impacted area. This needs to be done three times a day, every six hours. Also apply plain natural yoghurt without sugar or any other form of additives to a cotton ball and apply it to the inflamed region. The good bacteria in the yoghurt fights against the harmful yeast causing fungus and the infection.

Apart from addressing the infection, the yoghurt also helps in soothing and calming the region bringing down the redness or itching. Yoghurt must be applied to the region and made to stand for more than hour. This should then be washed with clean water.

The Candida yeast flourishes on high-sugar diets. Hence cut back on you sugar intake and try to adopt natural sugars such as honey or else use alternatives to the chemically treated white sugar. The low-sugar or at best the no-sugar diet must be continued till at such a time the symptoms persist. However you must deliberately obtain ample doses of vitamins (A, B-complex, C) as well as minerals (iron and zinc) in your modified diet.

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  • Wash the area with cold water in which an antiseptic lotion has been added.
  • To cure the infection, wash the affected area with and astringent.
  • Mix apple cider vinegar and distilled water and wash your penis with it at least twice everyday.
  • You can use the herbs Witch Hazel, White Willow Bark, Yarrow and Raspberry Leaf for general wash.
  • The herbs Yarrow, Myrrh, Goldenseal, Comfrey and Witch Hazel can be used for astringent wash.
  • Apply some Spearmint leaf juice on the inflamed skin to get relief from burning or itching.
  • Mash some almond leaves and coat the area with it.
  • Make a paste of 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder and 1 tbsp of camphor with water and spread on the affected area.
  • For soothing the skin, apply the paste of nutmeg twice daily.
  • Boil a handful of Margosa leaves in a cup of mustard oil. Let the leaves turn black and strain the liquid. Apply it on the skin for 4 to 5 times everyday.
  • Take vitamin supplements to enhance healing. You can open up the capsule of vitamin E and apply it directly on the skin or swallow it with water. Zinc can also be used similarly. Take vitamin B complex and Biotin as they are good for healthy skin. You can follow the directions on their bottles for best results.

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