What can I use to get rid of dry deep-itching underarms naturally?

You have a fungal infection that usually is found on parts of f the body that are moist and not ventilated. Since this sort of fungal infection is common, the remedies are also found easily over shelves of all medical stores. Creams, solutions, and sprays - you can pick from a large variety of options. It helps to seek professional help before you begin any medication, so please consult with your doctor. Also, carefully reconsider your detergents, new clothes and fabric softeners. Any of these could be also responsible for your discomfort. A trial-and-error method of avoiding some for your current brands for a few days at a time will prove if these are indeed responsible.

Observe extremely high levels of physical hygiene. Wash the effected parts and dry them well. Avoid using any powders and talc that you might have lying around at home. These contain artificial substances that could have an unnatural reaction with your already itchy skin. Keep the armpit as dry and well aired as possible. So, a combination of the right hygiene levels, prescribed medication and avoidance of harmful chemicals should sort out any discomforting problems that your itchy armpits might be causing you at present. Do not shave your armpits at any cost! This will spread the infection wider and deeper.

answered by G R

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