How To Find A Remedy To Get Rid Of A Hairy Underarm?

Hair grows in many places on the human body. Thick formations of hair are found on the head, on the eyebrows, in the genital area and in the underarms. The arms and legs tend to develop a thinner layer of hair that is designed to protect the body from heat loss during cold conditions. Facial hair is also present in most individuals. Men tend to have more hair on their faces, backs, chest, stomach arms and legs than women. It is also a common practice in western cultures for women to remove hair from their arms, legs and underarms although this practice may vary from one community to another.

Hair in the underarms tends to cause body odor problems. This is because the particular sweat glands in the underarms produce a type of sweat that starts smelling after a while. The hair also tends to trap the sweat and reduces ventilation in the area. The function of underarm hair is to provide a natural smoothness to the movement of the upper arm as it brushes against the torso. It also allows the skin to be dry while it is moist and this prevents or reduces the chances of a bacterial infection.

In order to really understand how to get rid of underarm hair without really damaging the skin you would need to try some home remedies that would not affect your skin negatively. There are three different methods for removing underarm hair. These can be practiced at home with good results. Shaving is a common way of getting rid of underarm hair. While this might be uncomfortable for some women, others are quite accustomed to it now. There are special shaving devices targeted at women who wish to shave their underarms. Another way of removing underarm hair is to use a depilatory product. These are hair removal creams that are often useable on the whole body or on particular areas of thick hair growth like the underarms. When using this product for the first time, hair should be removed in an innocuous area so that any problem on the skin can be noted and the use of cream avoided. Laser hair removal is more dangerous but also more effective as it cuts the hair straight out of the roots. Dark skinned individuals may suffer from burning of the skin when they use laser removal.

There are modern options for permanent underarm hair removal. These options may be costly but they can last for a long time which makes them preferable over other methods. The use of radio frequency technology is effective for permanent underarm hair removal.

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It is very normal to have some body hair and most women experience an increase in body hair, especially underarm hair once they hit puberty. Unfortunately the current norms of society disapprove of body hair, especially underarm hair in women. The European culture is far more tolerant of underarm hair and few eyebrows are raised at the sight of underarm hair, unlike the American and Asian cultures where it is virtually a social taboo! Men, in all cultures, can get away with underarm hair, unless they are models and are required to get rid of the underarm hair for aesthetic reasons.

If you have very light hair growth in your underarms, the easiest way to get rid of it is to use the disposable razors available in the market for women and shave it. Lather your underarm well with a shower gel or soap with moisturizer and shave during your bath. Since the skin tends to be a little tender after shaving, you could shave at night and apply some perfumed moisturizer overnight, so that the deodorant or perfume you use does not sting the next day. The other option for painless hair removal is depilatory creams available in the market. Re-growth is slower when you use these creams, but you should be careful and run an allergy test before you use them on your underarms, since that is a more sensitive area. If your hair growth is coarse and dense it is advisable to opt for waxing. Waxing can be painful, but offers the best results since it pulls the hair out from the roots, thus delaying re-growth and preventing the problem of ingrown hair. You could consider going to a good salon for this where they will efficiently remove all the unwanted hair in a clean and hygienic environment and you will not have to deal with the hassle of heating and preparing the wax or worry about the prospect of pulling off the strip knowing the pain that awaits you! Re-growth of hair sometimes leads to darker, coarser hair. If this is your problem you could consider the option of using hair bleach on your underarms, especially when the hair has just started coming out and it is not long enough to be shaved or waxed and yet looks unsightly when you are wearing sleeveless or short sleeved outfits. For a more permanent solution, you could consider electrolysis or laser treatment for hair removal, but this can be expensive and treatment goes on for several sessions before all the hair is removed.

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