I am 35 yrs old female, my hair is real oily and thin. Any shampoo I try, doesn't helps. I have to wash it 2-3 times a day. What should I use?

  • There are ways you can help stop the oil from appearing but you have to work at it.
  • Do not wash everyday. The cleaner your hair is the more it can seep into your glands and the harder it is to get rid of. When you do wash make sure you are washing with a cleaning shampoo and scrubbing the build up off.
  • Take in mind that you also have to have a ph-balanced mild shampoo and lite scrubbing is recommended. Try to avoid conditioner at the roots, apply in the middle or on the ends.
  • Try to avoid oil in your daily food intake. And do eat more vegetables.
  • Maybe try changing your shampoo. Ask your stylist what she or he would recommend. Avoid using shine products at all costs. Keep away from two-in-one shampoos and conditioners and any frizz serums.
  • To fix at the moment, rub a little Talcum Powder on your dried hair at the roots. Just make sure you wash it out.

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