My 9 year old daughter's hair is falling can you help?

Remedies on hair loss

It is very normal to lose between 50 and a 100 hair each day but hair loss above that level is unnatural. This is especially true of children. If your daughter is losing hair rapidly, the causes can usually be identified as a fungal infection, damage to the hair shaft, premature balding, or as telogen effluvium. School-going children contract fungal infections very often and these are usually very contagious as well. The fungus is very similar to athlete's foot and is known as tinea capitis. This condition needs medical attention at once because it can worsen very quickly and is usually treated by medicated, anti-fungal shampoos. Once treated, this condition rarely occurs after the child is past puberty.

If you braid or tie your daughter's hair very tightly, the shaft of her hair is probably suffering from trauma. You should ensure that her hair is too tightly tied and that the hair doesn't suffer too much friction from wearing her hats, ribbons or hair bands. The hair will start growing back normally once the source of the trauma is eliminated. You should also check if your daughter suffers from trichotillomania, a nervous, obsessive-compulsive habit in which a child might feel the uncontrollable urge to pluck or twirl her hair. This puts a lot of pressure on the hair and may result in some level of baldness. These conditions are quite serious and you must ensure that you seek medical advice at once. 

answered by M W

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