After using camphor to my daughter's hair, that does not suits to her hair. Her hairs start falling, so suggest me another alternative of camphor.

Camphor is an aromatic substance which is commonly mixed with oil to treat hair loss and other related hair fall problems. However, there are a lot of people who may develop allergic reactions to camphor when it is applied to their skin. It seems that your daughter’s hair fall after applying camphor is a symptom of contact dermatitis. It is best to keep camphor away from her.

There are many different remedies that you can use to make your hair stronger and your scalp cleaner. Since camphor is an aromatic substance, you can choose from the many aromatic substances that would help to revive your hair.

The best aromatic oils for hair are grapefruit oil, jojoba oil, Roman chamomile, lavender, lemon, cedar wood, rosemary, and bay. These are all oils which stimulate the scalp, heating it enough for the blood vessels below it to dilate, thus increasing the flow of blood to the hair. When the blood vessels are dilated in such a manner, they bring with them more blood and therefore nutrition, which nourishes the roots of the hair and improves their texture.

It is important however, to know how to use these aromatic oils. These essential oils, in their concentrated forms, can be extremely hot. They can burn your scalp if you apply them directly. Therefore, before applying any of these oils, you have to dilute them significantly. In order to dilute the essential oils, simply add a drop or two of the essential oil into 50 ml of coconut oil, which is also known as the carrier oil in this case. Mix the oils well until they are a homogenous mix. Then, using your finger tips, massage the oil carefully into the scalp, massaging the roots of the hair and the scalp as you move your fingers around.

You can leave the oil overnight in your hair. As soon as the oil is applied, you may feel a surge of heat in your scalp. If this is so, rest assured that the oil is working. You can mix larger quantities of the oil and store them to use at a later period of time.

To improve the health of your hair, a blend of lavender and bay oil can work perfectly. If you are worrying about hair regrowth, you could use a blend of two drops each of thyme and cedar wood essential oils. You could mix this with three parts each of lavender and rosemary essential oils, 10 parts of jojoba oil and 24 parts of grapeseed oil. This is perfect for your hair and you can massage this oil into your scalp once every week, to get flawless hair.

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