How To Control Your Calorie Intake

by Sam Malone

Different ways of cooking to control calorie intake.

  • Steaming: There are three ways of steaming your food direct, indirect and pressure cooking. As the use of oil is very minimal it results in lower fat content which is very beneficial for calorie conscious people. It can be used for cooking many food products including vegetables, meat and sea food.
  • Boiling: Cooking food in boiling water is one form of cutting down on the oil. This also helps in removing impurities of the food. This water can also be used as vegetable stock or chicken stock which is very good for health.
  • Roasting: It is one method of cooking food which uses the dry heat, be it an open flame or any other source of heat. It helps in increasing, the flavor of the food. It is generally used for poultry products as well as tender meats and vegetables, potatoes, tomato, and other products.
  • Sauteing: It means frying in a shallow open pan, that's the key point while cooking with small amount of oil. For even cooking all the vegetables should be evenly chopped. Steaming before sauteing reduces fat and in this manner lessens the fat consumption.
  • Stewing: In this style of cooking the food is covered in a pan which is covered with small quantity of water. This pan is kept on simmer to keep the nutrients intact. This method is used for meat, chicken, fruits and vegetables.
  • Grilling: It is a form of roasting which can be cooked by direct or radiant heat. The use of charcoal gives a different flavor to the food. Vegetables too can be grilled which happens to be very tasty.
  • Poaching: The food is cooked in simmering liquid. It is mainly used for delicate food products like eggs, poultry, fish and fruit as they can very easily fall apart. The flavor of the food is always preserved while cooking in such a manner.
  • Braising: It is the best way to get vegetables tender and cook, tougher cuts of meat. It is basically cooking with moist heat which is done in a covered pot with small amount of liquid. You can also use small amount of oil.
  • Marinate: Marination is mostly done to meats, as they soak up the flavor of the mixture, prepared for marination. The meat is usually immersed in the marination for half hour or more depending upon the meal you are cooking. This provides the meat that distinct flavor.
  • Fiber: Fiber is a very rich and healthy diet which helps in managing your weight. There are two types of fibers - soluble and insoluble. As it is rich in diet it gives the stomach a required need for satisfaction and fullness. Rich in high fiber but poor in calorie content, which is the mantra for high fiber diet. Along with regular exercise regime, high-fiber, low-fat diet provides a healthy and happy body.
  • Artificial sweeteners: There are two types of artificial sweeteners Nutritive and Non-nutritive. These sweeteners should be used according to ones own discretion. In general, it is considered safe for consumption, but before adding anything new to your diet, consult your doctor. These sweeteners are either 200 to 500 times sweeter than regular sugar and should be consumed in very small doses.
  • Fat replacers: By the name itself you can make out that it replaces all or some fat in food products. This is the best way to reduce your fat consumption which also reduces your calorie intake. There are three types of fat replacers: Carbohydrates based fat replacers, Protein based fat replacers and fat based fat replacers. All fruits and vegetable purees are fat replacers. Instead of using actual product which is rich in fat, these purees and sauces is a good to reduce that extra fat.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.
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