Instructions For Ear Candling

by Shaun Damon

Ear candling is an age old technique in which a conical shaped lit candle is placed into the ear canal. The objective is to create suction so that ear wax, fluids and discharge can be suctioned out. Though this is a rather popular technique, most medical practitioners do not recommend it.

How to Use Ear Candles

Ear candling should ideally be done by someone who has done it before. Before you begin, keep a bowl of water close by along with a few toothpicks, a paper plate, a pair of scissors, and some matches.

Step 1: Cut a small hole in the middle of the paper plate. The hole should be large enough for the candle to fit snugly in it. The paper plate catches any wax that may fall from the candle.

Step 2: Make the subject lie down on the side and make him/her comfortable.

Step 3: Light the larger end of the candle while placing the smaller end into the subject’s ear canal. Seat the candle in such a way so that smoke does not escape from the smaller end. Smoke is essentially for creating the required suction; therefore, it is important to keep the candle inserted firmly into the ear canal.

Step 4: Keep holding the candle at a slight angle so that the wax does not drip. It is important to keep the melting wax from running into the ear canal. Titling the candle helps the wax drip into the paper plate and allows it to harden before it can move on to the smaller end of the candle.

Step 5: Let the candle remain in this position for at least two minutes, and then remove it to clean the candle tip. Use the toothpick to clean the smaller end of the candle. Use the scissors to trim the burned portion of the candle. Be careful while trimming the candle and try not to extinguish the flame.

Step 6: Keep repeating this till the candle comes out clean from the ear. When the candle is burnt to 3 inches from the broad end, extinguish it and move on to the other ear.


Proponents of ear candling believe that it helps prevent infection and blocking of the inner ear canal. This can also help remove any discharge or fluids in the inner and middle ear, therefore preventing glue ear.

Where to Buy?

Ear candling kits are generally available at various pharmacies. You may also find a kit at your local departmental store.

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