Nasal Sprays

by Sam Malone

There are two different types of nasal sprays, one is a pressurized canisters and another one is a pump bottle. Both these are to be used in different ways for these to give proper results. Before using nasal sprays it is necessary to clean nose, pressurized nasal spray can be used directly, whereas for the pump bottle spray it is necessary to first prime it, that is make it ready for usage by squirting it in air for a few times till proper spray comes out.

Nasal sprays are useful for people suffering from allergic asthma, sinusitis, or only sinus symptoms. All these diseases worsen if there is drainage from the nose, a salt water wash helps reduce discharge and clean the nasal passage off the mucus. Salt water wash through nasal sprays also helps in removal of allergens and bacteria from nose and increases air flow.

Nasal sprays contain steroids which help cure sinusitis and allergic asthma, whereas nasal wash consists of salt and baking soda in water. Nasal wash is used for giving a wash for nasal linings, so that all bacteria, mucus and other irritants are washed off by saline water.

Nasal sprays might cause some harm to your nasal linings. If there is pain or bleeding after taking a nasal spray it is advisable that you should stop using spray for at least two days allowing the injury to heal. This is not the case in nasal wash treatment, however, sometimes, saline water may travel from your nose into the throat after the nasal wash, therefore washing your mouth after nasal wash is highly recommended.

Nasal sprays should not be self administered, these should be used exactly the way and in frequency the doctor has advised and not otherwise. Therefore, it is better that a doctor should be consulted before the use of nasal sprays.

Nose wash is safe for not just the adults but also infants and babies. However, care requires to be taken regarding water quality and position taken at the time of nose wash. You may require assistance before giving nose wash to your baby. Small children too, should be help over a wash basin before giving them a nose wash; you can request a health volunteer to give nose wash to your child.

Nasal wash can be made at home, it is necessary to wash all the nasal wash equipment cleanly after use.

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