Lung Cancer

by Sam Malone

Lung cancer is a killer cancer with estimated more than 1 million deaths around the world annually. This is the most common form of cancer, and has a high risk factor. Lung cancer is growth of lung tissue inside the lungs and transformation to malignancy.

There are several causes of lung cancer; however, one of the most important ones is tobacco smoke, and inhaling carcinogens for a long duration. Worldwide these two causes cause more lung cancer than any other reasons. There are more causes of lung cancer this are exposure to radiation, second hand smoking, viral infection and to some extent genetic susceptibility.

There are several symptoms of lung cancer, which are easy to identify but can be associated with some other disease also. These lung cancer symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, pain in chest, or pain in abdomen, regular and chronic cough or regular coughing pattern, coughing up blood (hemoptysis), shortness of breath (dyspnea), etc. It all depends on the place where cancer is placed, if it is placed in the airways, the patient might feel shortness of breath, otherwise there might be other symptoms like heaviness in chest, chest pains, coughing, etc.

Surgery is the most common way of treating cancer, it depends how much the cancer has spread and the general health of the patient. If the cancer has spread widely then surgery might be the only possible way to cure the patient off cancer. There might be a combination of therapies with radiation therapy and chemotherapy, in order to wipe out all traces of lung cancer.

Removing lung cancer through surgery is a very complicated process, since lungs are very complicated machinery, removal becomes a difficult job. Mortality rate in lung cancer is higher than any other type of cancer.

Prevention of lung cancer is better than finding a cure for it. Avoiding smoking or second hand smoking, several countries have banned carcinogenic gases to avoid large public spread of fatalistic disease like lung cancer. However, smoking is still rampant in public places; saving yourself from these effects of passive smoking might become difficult.

Lung cancer is common in developed countries, whereas these instances are lesser in developing nations. Lung cancer affects men more because of smoking than women.

Lung cancer also affects non smokers; this is more due to age and climatic conditions along with diet more than any other factors. This affects older men more than older women.

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