What are the symptoms of cancer

Cancer Symptoms

There are no selective symptoms that indicate cancer of any organ. There are however symptoms that if displayed for a long period of time would require attention from a specialist and may not necessarily be associated with cancer. However you must take notice of symptoms associated with loss of appetite if it has been for over a period of time. Similarly symptoms that include memory loss or inability in thinking clearly that has been a recent phenomenon in your daily activities must be scrutinized.

Dry cough especially that has been persistent for over a month or more and is followed by blood tinged saliva or phlegm along with pain while coughing is also a cause for worry. Amongst women breast lumps, discharge from the nipple, tenderness or soreness in either of the breasts must be inspected with the help of mammograms and specific tests. Similarly swollen lumps, glands, discomfort, unexplained pain and hurt in any part of the body for a period of time also should not be ignored. Even sores that do not heal with topical medication or persistent headaches without relief from OTC medication as well as aggravated Indigestion or trouble in taking in food must also be looked into. In short anything that has seen a persistent change from the normal routine must be cleared with the help of medical advice.

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