by Kevin Pederson

Exfoliation is the technique of eradication of the dead cells that have been on the face for quite some time. These dead cells slow the circulation and in course of time accumulate into the pores, thereby clogging them. It is one of the primordial techniques of removing the external dirt and ceased skin. A proper facial exfoliation procedure results in a fresh looking skin, leaving the external layer, extremely soft and blemish free. Blackheads are also removed to a certain extent. Serums and other creams used during a facial diffuse easily into the skin, after exfoliation. Exfoliation is a vital part of facial, removing the clinging dead cells. Oily skin, due to the excessive sebum, makes the process of natural removal, complicated.

Exfoliation is categorized into two, namely, chemical exfoliation and mechanical exfoliation. Chemicals, such as, betahydroxy acids (BHA), enzymes and alphahydroxy acids (AHA) help in slackening off the substance, holding the cells together. It is a substance, functioning like that of a gum. Thus, the cells release themselves. Facial peels are typical examples and are gentle or aggressive. Mechanical exfoliation involves the use of abrasive substances, which helps in providing a scrubbing action and thereby, removes the dead cells. Apricot shells, sugar, oat meal and coffee grounds are examples.

The skin performs its non-stop duty of cell generation in the dermis or the lower most regions. They are processed to the periphery or the epidermis. In course of time, they cease and fail to perform any function and are crammed with keratin. These, in turn, highlight a quality of a savior, though they are removed, after a particular extent, paving way for new and young cells. Turnover of cells decrease and reduces the pace, during the process of aging. Excessive exfoliation damages the sensitive and delicate skin, resulting in over exfoliation. An esthetician will be of great help in this issue. Avoid using body scrubs on the face, as they are too violent on the skin. The living dermis is damaged and exposed, in case of usage of too many peels.

It is possible, however, to over exfoliate, especially on the delicate skin of the face. Over exfoliating will dry and irritate the skin. Never Waxing, post peeling is not recommended. Microderma abrasion is a technique in vogue. Tiny crystals are utilized to remove the dead sticking cells and is a technique practiced by plastic surgeons or cosmetologists. Microderma abrasion home kits are available commercially.

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