I was wondering about the treatment of Aplastic anemia, can it be treated with diet and iron tablets or you have to go with more intrusive procedures?

Aplastic anemia is a condition wherein the basic production of all blood cells is diminished. This could happen due to a variety of reasons. The treatment of aplastic anemia depends completely on the stage at which it has been detected. There can be three stages of the disease. It may be detected at the onset, in which case, a modification in diet will make a big difference. If detected early enough, simple following an iron rich diet, a proper routine of exercise and rest and taking suitable iron supplements can make all the difference. If detected when it has managed to cause damage to some extent, then it would require a dedicated course of medication to control the problem.

The last stages of aplastic anemia are when the condition has spread and begun to damage the bone marrow of the body. In this case, hospitalization is mandatory and some intrusive measures may need to be taken. For instance, in extremely severe cases, it is possible that a bone marrow transplant may be required. It is important for you to know that if these measures are not taken, then the condition could prove to be fatal as well. However, you should also know that the symptoms of aplastic anemia are so obvious that it rarely escapes detection till the last stage. That would only happen if you have neglected yourself and your well being very badly.

answered by G M

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