Diabetes and Cinnamon

by Rachel Bhan

Cinnamon is used in our food as a flavory and energizing spice. But little do we know about how diabetes and cinnamon go hand in hand. The use of cinnamon in diabetes has been researched and approved by various scientists and researchers.

Cinnamon helps diabetes type 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes by rekindling the ability of the fat cells to respond to the insulin in the body. Researchers have found out that MHCP-a particular substance in cinnamon is responsible for fighting diabetes. MHCP present in cinnamon is actually a water-soluble polyphenol compound. In the various experiments conducted, it has been found that MHCP acts like insulin in the body. It increases the receptors and works in tandem with the insulin present in the body cells. Hence, cinnamon and diabetes are related for a beneficial purpose. Dr. Anderson identified a substance called 'polyphenol type-A polymer', which helps to reduce the blood sugar level when we consume cinnamon. This substance was found to be helpful mainly in the case of type 2 diabetics. Cinnamon diabetes are linked together in this way.

It is recommended to daily consume a quarter teaspoon to a full teaspoon of cinnamon for diabetes. Cinnamon is easily available and is not very costly too. Cinnamon can be bought from any outlet/ stores or food shop either in the whole or in a powdered form. It is easy to consume. Powdered cinnamon can also be mixed in a glass of milk or in vegetables while cooking food. The use of cinnamon in diabetes is the reason why we should find every way to consume the optimum amounts to treat diabetes as well as prevent it.

Cinnamon and diabetes go together as cinnamon has some amount of magnesium content. Absorption of magnesium in diabetic people is hampered or slow. This also is related to metabolic disorder. Cinnamon for diabetics can be beneficial as it lowers the glucose and insulin imbalances, which is a normal occurrence, as one grows older. Otherwise also, magnesium present in cinnamon is important for functions of the enzymes, electrolyte balance, maintaining the bone density, etc. Due to these benefits of the magnesium content in cinnamon, there is an added advantage of cinnamon for diabetes patients.

Talking about preventing diabetes, cinnamon for diabetes is useful since it has the capability to reduce the fats and cholesterol found in blood. These are also controlled by insulin. Thus, cinnamon has the potential to prevent diabetes in non-diabetics and even control it to a very large extent. Diabetes and Cinnamon connection is a positive one. The effect of cinnamon reverses the insulin resistance in the body thereby controlling diabetes.

After learning about so many aspects of inter-relatedness between cinnamon and diabetes one should definitely make it a point to include cinnamon in ones regular diet.

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