Managing Cancer with Lemongrass Herb

by Sharon Hopkins

Lemongrass is basically a tropical grass that is native to Sri Lanka and India. Besides its medical benefits, lemongrass is also known to yield lemon grass oil which is commonly used in medicines and in perfumery. Lemon grass tea is also commonly administered as a home remedy for improving digestive health and also as pain relief. Lemongrass oil is known to be effective in treating minor injuries and even conditions such as athlete's foot on account of its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Research has also shown that managing cancer naturally with lemongrass is also possible on account of the presence of citral that is found in the essential oil of lemon grass.

Lemongrass for Cancer:

Lemon grass tends to restrict the growth of cancer cells especially, breast cancer cells and is also effective in minimizing apoptosis. One could also use lemongrass for cancer as it acts as chemotherapy and kills the cancer cells. On account of this property of lemon grass, there is a loss in the viability of the tumor cell as the lemon grass tends to activate the apoptotic process. In fact, because of the low toxicity of lemon grass essential oil, it may very well become an effective and inexpensive alternate treatment for cancer in future. However while administering lemon grass for cancer or any other medical condition; you should also be aware of the side effects of lemon grass.

Side Effects of Lemongrass: Some of the side effects of lemongrass include dry mouth, increased urination, dizziness and an increase in the appetite. Lemon grass is also known to interfere with the effectiveness of certain cancer medications and hence should be consumed only after consulting the doctor. This is also necessary because consuming lemon grass in excess is known to damage the liver and stomach mucosal lining.

Other Benefits of Lemongrass: Some of the other benefits of lemon grass are that it is an effective home remedy for illnesses other than cancer such as cramps, arthritic pain, flu, common cold and so on. The citral that is the main element of lemon grass is also known to act as an insect repellent. Lemon grass tea can be consumed as a home remedy to kill the cancer cells. Preparing lemongrass tea is pretty simple; add some of the loose grass in a vessel of boiling water and allowing this liquid to cool. Those suffering from cancer should consume almost eight glasses of lemon grass on a daily basis to promote death of the cancer cells.

Remember that this is no substitute for cancer treatment and it is necessary to get medical assistance.

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