Does black raspberry help fight cancer?

Raspberries is a fruit that are not only delicious to eat but also have great health benefits because of its astringent, antispasmodic, phytonutrients and antioxidant properties that help strengthen the immune system. The antioxidant ellagic acids in black raspberries protect the cells from damage and curb the growth of abnormal cells, which are responsible for fatal diseases like Cancer. So far blueberries and strawberries have been known to fight cancer to an extent. But recent studies have proved that black raspberries' antioxidant properties are about 40 % more effective in fighting cancer. It's a known fact that cancer is caused because of lack of oxygen, damage of cells and excessive growth of abnormal cells. Black raspberries provide a combination of preventative agents that help fight cancer more effectively by targeting a lot more cancerous genes than any other single agent which affects only one or a few genes.

Cancer is caused because of poor immune system which can be rectified by adequate intake of nutrients like Vitamin B and C, fibers, folic acid, copper, magnesium and iron. All these nutrients are present in black raspberries. So far researches have suggested that black raspberries may prevent colon and esophagus cancers. The mix of compounds in black raspberries can also kill leukemia cells without damaging healthy cells and tissues. This is something the current treatments of leukemia, that is radiation and chemotherapy, have not been able to achieve. Now according to the latest finding, blackberries may also help combat oral cancer too. Black raspberries can be taken in any form - fruit, tea, juice and can be mixed with honey too. Raspberry retains its potency of ellagic acid even after heating, freezing and processing. If you consume one cup of raspberries per week, it can prevent the growth of prostate cancer for up to one week. So if you consume it every day it will keep cancer away for good. You can also make tea of black raspberry leaves which are equally beneficial. Make the tea by adding one teaspoon of the leaf to one cup of boiling water. Let the leaf simmer for 5-15 minutes. Then strain the liquid. This can be taken once or twice a day. Another way of consuming raspberry is making a tincture of the leaf. Take this tincture about three times a day, in doses of 2-4 ml (1-2 teaspoon) each time. So here is a natural product that is not only delicious but also fights a fatal disease.

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Preventing the proliferation of the cancer cells is vital in controlling spread of infection. Reducing inflammation is also a part of treatment procedure. Anti inflammatory agents, such as aloe vera, chlorophyll, grape seed extract and fenugreek. Herbs, such as Echinacea, golden seal, bromelain, ginger, turmeric, licorice and slippery elm also prove beneficial. Phosphorus rich foods namely, fish, meat, whole grains, seeds, fish and nuts are avoided. Sweeteners, oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids and allergic foods are avoided. Eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil is used to massage the inflamed areas. Wormwood is beneficial against cancer microbes. Peppermint extract enhances digestion and relieves nausea. Berries, in addition to raw vegetables and fresh fruits help in triggering immunity levels, thereby providing resistance against infection. A tea prepared from olive leaf is also effective. Licorice root helps in boosting immunity. It is especially helpful in estrogen related cancer. This is attributed to the blockage of the growth triggering effect of estrogen. Margosa extract used internally or leaves used as a poultice heals tumors. A physician's guidance is recommended.

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