How do you get rid of occasional wheezing in the lungs. And could it be brought on by stress/panic attacks??

Stress or panic attacks are one of the biggest stressors known to trigger off asthma and lung related disorders. Wheezing is a manifestation of the lack of oxygen in the lungs and during a panic attack or a stressful situation; one tends to take in short shallow breaths, which leads to the collapse and contraction of lungs. Meditation and breathing exercises are very useful in countering stress related disorders. Breathing exercises in general must be practiced every morning for at least 30 minutes daily to strengthen the lungs and prevent further attacks.

As much as possible, one must not indulge in strenuous activity during the course of wheezing. If an allergy is one of the main reasons for the cause of wheezing, try to stay in an air conditioned atmosphere for the better part of the day. Sometimes pollen problems and mites or molds can cause the allergy to worsen. Keep a de-humidifier at home or in the office. Dehumidifiers keep the air clean from all kinds of allergens and lessen the attacks of wheezing. Indian gooseberries are well known in treating this ailment. a teaspoon of the juice extracted from Indian gooseberries or the powdered form of this fruit mixed with a teaspoon of honey consumed every morning is highly effective in controlling and eliminating wheezing.

answered by C B

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