Lower Back Pain Relief

by Sam Malone

Back pain is a fairly common complaint that people of any age may suffer from. back pain can be the result of various different causes. Some of the causes of back pain include one having a bad fall and pulling a back muscle or causing a bad sprain in the back. When a woman is pregnant, the weight of her increasing stomach can also be another cause of back pain. Picking up a heavy weight suddenly or doing strenuous exercises or activities would also lead to one pulling a bad back muscle. There are various different ways that one could achieve lower back pain relief. Some of the main steps include consuming Vitamin D. It has been found that chronic muscle ache or lower back pain may be a sign of a vitamin D deficiency. One can obtain Vitamin D from fortified milk, cereals, and certain kinds of fish that have small bones and also from exposure to sunlight. However, some of the main risks that are associated with a vitamin D deficiency include certain digestive disorders occurring like celiac disorder. There are also related risks like minimal exposure to the sun due to being heavily clothed or home bound or institutionalized. People with darker skin like the Asians, Hispanics, and African American are not always able to convert the UV rays very efficiently into vitamin D. Increasing one’s intake of Vitamin B12 has also been found to be beneficial in gaining relief from lower back pain. Some of the other signs and symptoms of a Vitamin B12 deficiency include irritability, numbness, depression and even mild impairment of one’s memory.

Lower back pain relief methods also include one consuming adequate quantities of magnesium. It has been found that magnesium helps in maintaining a person’s nerve function and also maintaining their normal muscle. It aids in keeping a steady heart rhythm and helps to keep a person’s bones strong. Some of the main signs of a magnesium depression include high blood pressure, depression and heart disease. Yoga has also been found to be beneficial in providing some lower back pain relief. There are various yoga groups that one can join to help in getting relief from the back pain. There are also different breathing techniques that one can practice to help in reducing the pain. These breathing techniques will usually integrate breathing, body awareness, meditation and movement. This is an effective lower back pain relief exercise that could be done anytime and anywhere.

Massage therapy is also very beneficial for achieving lower back pain relief. When using massage therapy to help in getting relief from low back pain, it is essential the massage therapist is a specialist who has been trained in the task of tackling back aches and pains. Music therapy has also been found to be beneficial in tackling this condition of lower back pain. Sleeping on a very firm mattress or bed can also help in reducing the pain in one’s lower back. Walking is one of the best ways to get relief from lower back pain. This is mainly because walking helps to exercise very gently all the muscles that are found in one’s lower back and also one’s buttocks. This helps in keeping one’s back aligned properly. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is also beneficial in curing back ache problems that they might be suffering from. Besides, proper sleep also benefits the overall health and fitness levels of the person. Eating a well balanced meal is essential for one’s well being and good health too. Doing some basic stretching exercises for at least 30 minutes everyday helps in stretching all the different muscles in one’s body and thus gently prepares the human body for the day ahead. Cycling and swimming are some forms of lower back pain relief exercises that can help in providing some relief from lower back pain.

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