Question on Toe Numbness: When I wake up in the morning, a couple of my toes on each foot are numb. It quickly goes away when I start my morning walk. Is it ok, normal?

Advice on toe numbness

A tingling or pricking feeling in different parts of your body is a normal phenomenon known as paresthesia and this condition is a temporary condition and is completely normal. Colloquially, it may also be referred to as a body part having fallen asleep or experiencing pins and needles. If you experience paresthesia chronically, then you might have a problem with the way your nerves function. Paresthesia occurs as a result of poor blood circulation your limbs, malnutrition, and a vitamin deficiency. It could also occur as a fall out of certain conditions such as diabetes and a thyroid gland that is underperforming. The other documented causes of paresthesia are migraines, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, and dehydration. Remember that this condition is sometimes also indicative of greater medical problems such as brain tumors and autoimmune diseases. You must seek medical attention to eliminate the risk of these conditions.

There are no known home remedies for this problem and it is best that the course of treatment be decided by your doctor. In addition, the correct line of treatment would also depend on the diagnosis of your symptoms. For a minor attack, you could try moving the affected part of your body from one side to the other. This movement might relieve your symptoms in a very short span of time.

answered by M W

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