Juvenile Diabetes

by Sharon Hopkins

Juvenile diabetes is known to affect lots of children everywhere and the numbers keep increasing every year. Juvenile diabetes information basically tells us that earlier children were just diagnosed with type I form of diabetes but now more and more children are being diagnosed with type II diabetes. The main juvenile diabetes causes are said to be poor eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. Juvenile diabetes is basically the inability of a child's body to produce any insulin. This is prevalent among adults as well. There are also hereditary factors that play a part in the development of this type of diabetes.

The main juvenile diabetes cure is to change one's diet. The juvenile diabetes diet should include reduction in the consumption of fats, mainly animal fats. It also includes reducing one's sugar intake and increasing one's intake of vegetables and fruits. The higher the fiber intake the better it is for one's health. Also the child should be eating the meals at all regular intervals and also eating snacks in between the main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children who suffer from juvenile diabetes usually tend to be overweight and lethargic. Some of the accompanying signs of this condition of juvenile diabetes include headaches, pain in the child's abdomen, fatigue and frequent urination. There is also increase in the child's thirst. Some of the main things to do are to ensure that your child gets adequate amounts of exercise. Physical activity helps in keeping the child fit and healthy and living a normal life. It helps in reducing the sugar levels in the child's blood.

One should also monitor the child's blood sugar levels at all times, before and after meals especially. Never let the sugar levels drop too low however, as this can also be dangerous for the child's health. Hence there should be some amount of sugar intake in the child's diet. One should try and ensure that a child gets plenty of calcium in their daily diet. Also the child should be given some cinnamon too on a daily basis as this helps in blocking out all the free radicals. A child who is diabetic should avoid all kinds of oily, spicy and fatty foods. They should also avoid foods that contain any starch. Junk foods like chips, colas and aerated beverages should also be eliminated from a child's diet. Avoid giving the child any kind of packaged foods which contain preservatives, as these could also be harmful. One should instead ensure that the child gets plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

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