Thyroid Gland Removal

by Sam Malone

The thyroid is considered to be the biggest endocrine gland in a person's body. This particular gland would be found in the person's neck. It is also right below the thyroid cartilage which is called the Adam's apple. The function of thyroid gland is to help in making proteins and in controlling the energy that the body uses. The removal of the thyroid gland is mainly due to the problem of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Getting the thyroid gland removed would be useful in curing the problem that the person is suffering from. The thyroid gland treatment involves the removal of that part of the thyroid gland which contains the overactive nodules. If the person is suffering from overactive thyroid gland then the entire removal of the thyroid gland is required.

Usually there are certain risks that are linked with this removal of the thyroid gland and these also need to be taken care of. People who are hypothyroid need some thyroid hormone replacement treatment. If a large quantity of the thyroid is left then post surgery, a recurrent hypothyroidism may occur. At times, there can even be some chances of damage occurring to the structures that are near this thyroid. These structures include the nerves that are linked to the person's voice box. This nerve helps in regulating all the calcium levels of the person's blood. Post surgery the person is required to spend at least 3 to about 5 days in the hospital. There is a speech therapist who will be assigned to helping the person to improve their vocal chords and to help them get stronger and healthier. One may also feel some pain post the surgery from the incision that would have been made. When sleeping, the patient should try and get lots of rest and relaxation. They should sleep with their head raised up on some pillows for at least a week post surgery. The soreness of the neck could make swallowing difficult so one should try and drink juices and soups that are easier on the throat and do not cause too much pain while swallowing. At times some people may also suffer from thyroid cancer. This will require radioactive iodine treatment to resolve this problem. The doctor will provide different medication to help in getting relief from pain. One can try easing the pain by using a cold compress over the wound. Remember to never put any ice directly on the skin. It should be wrapped up in a cloth and then applied. The area should always be kept as dry as possible.

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