Symptoms of pinworms in children

Pinworms are slender, threadlike white coloured worms found in the intestinal tract and usually affect children. Infection takes place when the worm eggs are introduced into the system and they hatch and take up residence in the intestines. The female worms lay their eggs in the anal tract and when the eggs hatch the worms move back up into the intestines. Mostly children are affected by pinworms, and it is spread through the air and more commonly through contact when the children scratch their anal region with their fingers which later come in contact and contaminate their food, toys, play area and other belongings.

While pinworms are not a serious condition, they can be a nuisance since it causes anal and vaginal itching. Not all children exhibit symptoms, but some of them show signs of irritability, fatigue, weight loss and problems sleeping. If checked sometimes the small white pinworms can be seen wriggling around the buttocks of sleeping infants and this is what causes the intense itching. Since contact can lead to the spreading of pinworms, they sometimes even affect adults who share the same bed area. Usually the body's immune system deals with pinworms by itself and destroys them within a few months but care should be taken to observe extremely high levels of hygiene and to diligently wash the child's hands each time they s/he scratches the anal region.

answered by G R

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