A Healthy Diet for Asthma

by Sam Malone

Asthma is a respiratory disease which usually originates as an allergy to airborne particles. Though there are several different causes of asthma, some of which are genetic in nature, the damage sustained by the lungs due to this disorder, is not reversible. Therefore, asthma is a condition which cannot be treated. However, though asthma cannot be cured, it is a disease which does not take a lot of lives. This is because the symptoms of asthma, though painful even when they are mild, can be controlled by the right kind of diet. There are several natural therapies that claim to be able to cure asthma. However, there is not enough scientific data to back these claims. However, recent findings do suggest that diet can, in fact, play a huge role in containing some of the symptoms experienced by those suffering from asthma.

It has been seen that foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help repair the damage of the lungs to some extent. Omega 3 fatty acids are contained in fish oils and can be obtained from consuming fish like mackerel, salmon, and cod. The oil from these fish helps decrease the inflammation present in the lungs, easing the passageways so that air can pass through them with less obstruction. Due to the decrease in the inflammation of the airways a larger volume of air can be inhaled into the lungs. Doctors believe that a healthy and balanced diet with adequate quantities of proteins is ideal for making the body strong enough to resist allergic attacks. Apart from proteins, it is also important for you to consume a daily dietary intake of magnesium, calcium, and vitamins E and C, all of which help in boosting the immune system.

Strengthening the immune system is the primary way to help the body defend itself from asthma attacks. There are some theories which center around the use of bee products for the cure of asthma, however, bee products are known to trigger complicated allergies. Also, there is not much research which supports the use of bee products like bee venom or royal jelly for curing asthma. Apart from the diet, another thing that is important for keeping the symptoms of asthma under check is rest. The human body requires plenty of rest in order to get adequate strength. Stress is known to be the commonest trigger of asthma and, therefore, it is important to keep the stress to a minimum.

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