Signs of Unhealthy Eating

by Sharon Hopkins

Human beings gain their nourishment from food and drink. These are consumed at various times during the day. The body gets its supply of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber from the food that it consumes. The human body has particular requirements when it comes to nutrition. Unhealthy eating effects are largely seen on people who eat a lot of junk food that also tends to negatively affect their health.

Unhealthy eating is defined as any eating habit that does not fulfill the requirements of the body. It can be interpreted in both ways as a deficient diet or as an excessive diet. Unhealthy eating diseases do not manifest themselves directly but through conditions like include rapid weight gain or weight loss, low energy levels and, over a prolonged period, poor general health.

Types of Unhealthy Eating Habits

There are two types of unhealthy eating habits. The first is the type that involves insufficient nutrition. This covers people who are underweight because of their diet rather than because of metabolism or other factors. There are serious eating disorders such as anorexia which are associated with an insufficient quantity of food consumed. People who suffer from this sort of unhealthy eating are likely to be underweight and perpetually fatigued. They are likely to suffer from growth disorders if the problem occurs during their growing years. People with unhealthy eating habits associated with insufficient nutrition are susceptible to developing a range of disorders that may become chronic even if nutrition issues are sorted out.

Unhealthy eating habits may also refer to those people who consume too much food. Such people are also likely to eat what is termed as junk food. Junk food is usually fast food that is prepared rapidly and has plenty of bulk but not much in the way of nutrition. Junk food also contains a lot of fat and is generally avoidable. One of the causes of unhealthy eating is simply the enjoyment that a person may have for this sort of food.

Some other causes of unhealthy eating include social issues. People who eat too little are usually obsessed with their weight and always perceive themselves to be fat even if this is not the case. Often, the obsession with the ‘perfect’ body is the cause of this issue. When it comes to excessive consumption of food, craving is one of the problems associated with it. Some people attribute a lack of self esteem with excessive eating as people tend to eat in order to overcome the disappointment that they associate with their social or professional life. Following unhealthy eating habits causes people to further indulge their craving making it a vicious cycle.

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