Vitamin C Tablets

Vitamin C tablets are among the most popular vitamin supplement round the globe. Human body does not synthesize or manufacture its own vitamin C; therefore nutritional sources and supplementation are required to prevent deficiency.

The health benefits of Vitamin C are numerous with promising outcomes. It is required for supporting the immune system, working as an antioxidant and for the formation of collagen. Collagen is an essential body protein that holds the tissues, cells, cartilages and muscles together.

Vitamin C capsules are most effective when buffered. This is because buffered tablets are manufactured using the highest-purity calcium and magnesium mineral ascorbates. These mineral ascorbates are less acidic and hypoallergenic. These also help in eliminating the acid buildup that can occur when consuming pure form of Vitamin C.

One tablet of buffered mineral ascorbates provides 1000mg of Vitamin C from mineral salts, 61 mg of calcium ascorbate and 39 mg of magnesium ascorbate. It also contains small amount of cellulose, water-soluble cellulose coating, and magnesium stearate

Vitamin C pills are also available in forms like Ester-C and Bioflavonoid. Ester-C is a unique form of Vitamin C available. These pills mainly contain metabolites of Vitamin C and activate the vitamin for easy absorption and utilization for numerous health benefits. These forms of Vitamin C are non active and very gentle on stomach. These remain active in the white blood cells throughout the day and provide a powerful immune system.

Bioflavonoids are naturally present as a co-factor of natural food sources. These are biologically more active and aids in increasing the uptake and absorption of Vitamin C. These co-factors are absent in synthetically prepared Vitamin C tablets, therefore, have no positive effects. These forms of Vitamin C are meant to protect the vitamin against oxidation and also prevent allergies.

The US Government sets RDA of vitamin C at 75-90 mg/day for non-smoking adults, 110-125 mg/day for smokers, 15-45 mg/day for children, 85 mg/day for pregnant women and 125 mg/day for lactating mothers. The supplements normally contain 25mg-1500mg of Vitamin C based upon the form and formulation.