RDA of Vitamin C

RDA is an acronym used for Recommended Dietary Allowances or Recommended Daily Allowances. The Government of US has recommended a list of daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins that vary according to the health conditions, gender and age.

Like all the essential vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C is also required in optimal amount as recommended in the RDA of Vitamin C formulated by the US Government. It is believed to be harmless but yet an overdose or deficiency may result in various health conditions like weakened bones, nausea, dental cavities and loss of appetite.

Vitamin C has numerous benefits that can only be experienced if it is consumed as per the recommended daily allowance. To enjoy the benefits, it is essential to take optimal Vitamin C dose.

RDA for Vitamin C is stated to be about 50-60 mg per day for adults. Infants and babies are recommended an RDA of 35 mg per day and children between the age group of 3-10 years require about 40-45 mg per day. The optimal amount varies if the individual is suffering from any health ailments. There are patients undergoing dialysis who require an RDA of nearly 500 mg daily.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers also require extra amount of Vitamin C as compared to a normal range of RDA Vitamin C for adults. This is because Vitamin C plays a vital role in forming the structure of collagen in the fetal membrane, and therefore with low consumption of this vitamin, women are more at a higher risk of premature rupture of the placenta membrane, potentially, premature delivery. Lactating mothers also need extra amount of Vitamin C because they do breast feeding which provides essential nutrient to the breast fed baby. It is believed that RDA for pregnant women is about 75-90mg per day and RDA for lactating mothers is about 70mg per day.

RDA for a gatherer hunter varies based upon season, the particular ecosystem and the size of family. When fruit and greens are relatively abundant, the RDA is believed to about 500mg per day. This high dose Vitamin C is to compete with the stressful living and effects of environmental chemicals.