Can pregnant women with jaundice take the normal food?

Jaundice is a disease that occurs when your liver does not function properly. This could also occur due to any kind of infection of the liver. What happens when you get jaundice is that an excessive amount of bile pigments are deposited in the red blood corpuscles. This causes the color of the skin turns slightly yellow. Other reasons for jaundice include typhoid, cancer and the hepatitis virus.

Any illness during pregnancy can disturb the natural rhythm of your life. When a pregnant woman gets jaundice, she should consult her gynecologist. Who would probably refer her to a physician or her general practitioner to get herself treated for jaundice. Jaundice is a disease that can be cured only when the diet is adhered to with the greatest strictness. You should ensure that you do not give the patient any fatty food. This means you avoid eating food that is fried and contains a large quantity of species. Food times that contain white flour, cheese and sugar should also be avoided. The idea is to completely avoid food items that can agitate the food since this can cause a serious setback to the recovery of the patient. It is therefore advisable to give the pregnant woman only bland food. You can give her vegetables and fruit. The vegetables should be cooked in a minimum of oil and should not be spicy. The fruits can be eaten fresh or else can be given in the form of juices. If you give the pregnant woman fruit juice, ensure that it is fresh. You should also ensure that no sugar is added to it. The diet should consist of only vegetarian food items. Try to avoid giving the pregnant woman milk or milk based products. Instead, you can give her buttermilk. Ensure that you dilute the buttermilk and add salt to it. Not only should the pregnant woman be drinking more water, but the water she drinks should be boiled and cooled. You can give the pregnant woman barley water to drink since this is effective in curing jaundice. Lemon juice is another drink that can be consumed through the day and which will help cure the jaundice. You can also make another very effective home remedy for the pregnant woman. You can make a paste of about fifteen basil leaves and add this to half a glass of radish juice. You can make radish juice by grating two radishes and squeezing them to extract the juice. This drink can be drunk every day and will help speed up the recovery from jaundice.

Diet is of primary importance in treating jaundice and a pregnant woman will find that if she eats sensibly, she will not only get all the nutrients necessary for her, but also recover from the illness in a very short time.

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