April 4, 2008

Treatment and Medications for Preterm Labor

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Normally the labor would take after 37th week of pregnancy. However, in some cases the labors start before the 37thweek. This will leads to premature birth of the baby. The babies who take birth out of preterm labor are at higher risks of complications. Therefore, special care is required in case of preterm labor.

Preterm labor can occur to any women. The exact reason for preterm labor has not been found out. However, studies have shown it to be linked to heredity. It is also common if a woman is pregnant with two or more babies. Some studies have also shown that the women having uterine and cervical problems are at a greater risk of preterm labor.

As the preterm labor is an indication of premature birth, it is necessary that it should be avoided. At that stage, the different organs and systems of the baby are not ready for work. In some cases, even the lungs are not ready to function and so the baby is unable to breath. For these reasons, the baby needs immediate hospitalization after delivery. Therefore, it is very important that if the preterm labor starts the mother should be taken to a hospital, which has all these facilities.

Preterm labor is a serious thing but the couple and relatives or friends should not get frightened. Taking the mother, immediately, to a suitable hospital can be very helpful.