May 26, 2008

Treatment for Gouty Arthritis – Inflammation & Pain Control Drugs

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

The main reason behind the development of gout is elevation in the level of uric acid in the body. Due to this elevation, it can deposit in any joint. If we wish to follow a complete Treatment for gout (gouty arthritis) it is important to correct the level of uric acid. Moreover, inflammation and other damages occur to the affected joint. Therefore, Treatment for gout (gouty arthritis) would include relieving the joints from such damages as well.

The patient comes to know about gout only when an attack occurs. In such a condition, the severe pain arises all of a sudden. In such a condition, the treatment for gout (gouty arthritis) would include the pain relief drugs as indomethacin, nonseteroidal anti-inflammatory, drugs, glucocorticoids, etc. These drugs can provide instant relief from pain.

Then the second step for treatment for gout (gouty arthritis) would include reducing inflammation. The above-mentioned drugs can be used for reducing inflammation as well. The most commonly used drug for reducing the inflammation as well as pain relief is Cholcine. It is important to take it within the initial twelve hours of the attack. Its effects start to appear within 48 hours.

Most of these drugs are taken orally. There are some side effects associated with them and therefore they should not be used for a prolonged use.

In to medications some other things as supplements and diet control are useful for treatment for gout (gouty arthritis). The supplements of the nutrients, which are essential for the bones as calcium vitamin Does bone protein etc help to heal the joint from the effects of gout. On the other hand control over diet can help in the reducing the level of uric acid in the body. The substances as meat, fish, eggs, beer or any other substances, which contain uric acid or purines, should be avoided.

There are some medications, which can reduce the uric acid level in the body and therefore prevent the further deposition of urate crystals and prevent the further attacks of gout. Some of such substances are allopurinol, sulfinpyrazone, etc.

If gout is not treated for long time, it may damage the joint permanently in such cases the treatment for gout (gouty arthritis) will include surgery for removal of that part of joint, which is heavily deposited by the urate crystals. These are among some of the treatment for gout (gouty arthritis).