My Son Had A Serious Scrape On His Chin. What Home Remedies Would You Suggest For Swelling And Inflammation?

The inflammation is caused in the human body is a form of defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses. During the process of inflammation the body's white blood cells and the chemicals present help protect us from infections and foreign substances which as mentioned earlier are bacteria and viruses. Sometimes however the body defense system triggers a response of inflammation even when there are no foreign bodies to fight off. These disorders are called autoimmune diseases and the body's natural defense system causes damage to its own tissues. Thus the body tends to fight off normal tissue as if it was maybe abnormal or diseased tissue. Thus when the white blood cells are released into the blood stream there is an increase in the flow of chemicals which results in the increase of blood flow which causes the characteristic redness of inflammation. Some of these chemicals tend to leak into the tissues and thus results in swelling. The inflammation process stimulates the nerves and thus causes pain.

Thus the swelling is normal and is a normal process of the body healing itself and you should not worry too much. If there is a cut or an open wound then you should treat it with an antiseptic. Other than that the swelling is normal and will subside in a few days. There are various foodstuffs that you can eat that can help reduce the swelling. There are oils that are found in species of fish (e.g. flax) that live in cold water, that have anti-inflammatory properties. You can eat flax seeds and green leafy vegetables as well as they contain omega -3 acids, which are also anti-inflammatory. In terms of reducing swelling, a cold pack will help better as cold reduces the amount of blood flow and constricts the muscle. This will reduce the inflammation and reduce the amount pain experienced as well.

answered by M W

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