What is good for inflammation of the foot due to arthritis?

Arthritis is a progressively degenerating disease which can spread very rapidly and get completely out of control if not checked right at the onset. Controlling the disease would provide you with long term relief from all its symptoms such as inflammation, aches, pains and deformation of bodily extremities. The most essential thing with patients of arthritis is the compulsory need to control their diet and bring their lifestyle to a manageable one. It is absolutely essential to rest properly, eat sensibly and exercise correctly in order to take care of the problem. The first thing you must do is cut all sour and citrus foods from your diet, as these have a tendency to aggravate the swelling caused due to arthritis. Most of these types of foods are quite acidic in nature and will only serve to aggravate the pain associated with the disease.

In order to control the inflammation, you can use the simple home remedy of roughly chopping a raw potato with peel, and submerging it in a glass of water for about eight hours. Drink this water in order to find instant relief from the pain caused due to inflammation. You can also make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and apply it to the inflamed area. This will help to bring down the swelling, and it will also reduce the pain. Be careful, however, as this remedy can actually cause superficial burns due to the hot nature of cinnamon. Leave it on only for as long as you can take the burning sensation. If required, apply a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water after taking this off. This will have a cooling effect and will negate the burning caused by the cinnamon. But you must not leave the sandalwood for too long as this will take away the benefits of the cinnamon. Garlic is a common anti-inflammatory agent and will help to bring down swelling and subsequently control the pain.

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