I have uneven skin tone on my body, but instead of darkening, some spots lightened, so I have blotches of lighter skin on my stomach and back. How do I even this out?

There are several minor skin conditions that can cause skin discoloration. This can either be in the form of the affected area darkening or getting lighter. Although it is common for the skin to darken in color, there are some skin conditions that can cause the skin to lighten considerably. However, many of these conditions cause intense discomfort along with scaly or inflamed skin. However, there are relatively few skin conditions that cause lightening without the other unpleasant symptoms. tinea versicolor is one such skin condition that causes the skin to lighten with minimal to no discomfort. This skin condition is also known as Pityriasis versicolor and generally causes the lightening of the skin on the chest, stomach, and back. This skin condition is caused by the rapid increase and spread of a type of yeast that occurs naturally on the surface of the skin. The yeast requires a warm and moist environment and so people who wear clothes made out of synthetic materials are more likely to suffer from this condition.

There are several home remedies for Tinea versicolor that you can use to treat this condition. First of all, before trying to apply any topical cream, you will have to exfoliate your skin regularly as this will help to decrease the amount of yeast present on your skin. After your shower, use a slightly acidic body scrub to exfoliate your skin. The acidic nature of the scrub will help to prevent the spread of the infection as it creates an inhospitable environment for the yeast. To make your own scrub, you can lightly roast and grind a handful of assorted nuts. Add a few spoons of fresh lemon juice and tomato juice to the powdered nuts. Lightly grind a handful of rice so that you have coarse rice flour. Add enough of the flour to the tomato and nuts mixture so that it forms a thick paste. Scrub your body gently with this paste, concentrating on the affected areas. Rinse yourself well with cold water. You can also use a homemade topical application for tinea versicolor. Tea tree oil and margosa oil are essential oils that have strong anti-microbial properties. This makes them extremely useful in treating various minor skin ailments including tinea versicolor. Tea-tree oil is extremely strong and so it should not be applied to your skin undiluted. Add two to three drops of margosa oil and about five drops of tea tree oil to a teaspoon of olive oil. Pour this into a small bottle and add a spoon of aloe juice to the bottle. Shake the contents well and use this mixture instead of your usual moisturizer.

Make sure that you go to a dermatologist for an examination and an accurate diagnosis before you start any treatment.

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