June 21, 2007

Home Remedies To Remove Your Makeup

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Makeup is a part and parcel of every individual’s schedule, especially that of women. It enhances the beauty and personality of an individual, when done properly. The amount of care showered upon your makeup should be the same as that of the care taken on its removal. Removing makeup should be a part of your work, before retiring to bed, as otherwise, it might result in clogging of pores, thereby damaging the skin. The way you clean your face after a party is of primary importance.

A remover of high quality is to be considered, as an improper one can damage your face. Baby oil or baby lotion is the best option. In the case of lipstick and a facial make up, cleansers that are water based are preferred. Coconut oil is preferred for removing mascara or eyeliner. Irrespective of the type of remover, clean cotton balls are used. If a single application does not provide relief, dabbing the cleanser on the face and wiping with a wet cotton ball helps.

Whether you apply a makeup or not, regular face cleansing is essential, as it cleans the skin of the dirt that accumulates throughout the day. Regular cleaning ensures a radiant and glowing complexion, devoid of pimples and other skin infections. Equal quantities of castor oil and olive oil forms a easy-to-do make up remover. Baby oil with lemon juice is also beneficial. Use a toner, after makeup removal, to balance the skin and for it to breathe well.