how to induce labor contractions

Some children just don’t want to come out of mummy. I know that most first time expectant mothers dread the thought of an extended delivery, but sometimes its just inevitable. So here are a few ways to induce labor naturally. Most doctors advise waiting before inducing delivery. But the longer the baby remains inside, the greater the complications for an expectant mother. So here are few ways to induce labor naturally,

  • Some people suggest spicy food to induce labor, especially pineapples. This doesn’t really make much sense, but you have to remember that most grandmothers’ tales have some scientific basis. So try it out you never know. And pineapples are a great source of vitamins C and E, so no loss!
  • Intercourse is also recommended. During sex, oxytocin is released by the woman’s body which causes contraction in the uterus. One strong contraction may just start the process off!
  • If you’re not up to sex while feeling like a beached hale around 37 weeks of pregnancy, then manually stimulating your nipples can also have the same effect.
  • You can also try natural herbs like raspberry tea, and blue and black cohosh. Drinking castor oil or rubbing clary sage oil on your abdomen are few home remedies also available.

Please remember that delivery and labor are difficult processes for a mother. So use every herbal method carefully and if possible let the little one pop out on his own.

answered by A S

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