Treatment for allergic medical reaction

Most medications come with side effects, which are anything but pleasant. Although medicines do alleviate the symptom the reactions that follow also need to be treated. Swelling of the limbs and especially the legs can be taken care of, with the help of a calming herbal concoction made from chamomile. Apart from chamomile having aromatherapy-properties it is also a well known tea that is drunk for its pleasant taste but few know of its anti-histamine qualities.

Make a cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea and sweeten it with honey. two or three cups a day is sure to give you that much needed relief from the ill effects of the medication as well help to ease out your limbs. However make sure that you do not have allergic tendencies against ragweed or chamomile. At times even plain honey is a great reliever. It fights against allergens, boosts your energy levels and most importantly helps your immunity system to effectively combat allergic reactions. Another innovative yet powerful remedy comes in the form of freshly prepared vegetable juice. Take any juice of a vegetable or a fruit that you like and are comfortable having, add to this a few drops of castor oil. This must be consumed early morning without having breakfast.

answered by C B

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