March 12, 2010

Acupressure Techniques To Induce Labor

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Acupressure and Labor

Acupressure can induce labor naturally if the expectant mother is past her delivery due date, a condition that can be unhealthy for the mother and the baby. Though there are ways to start one’s contractions, like caesarian section, medication, and catheters, these usually have harmful side effects unlike acupressure, which starts the contractions on their own by stimulating key points on the expectant mother’s body thereby dilating the cervix. This stimulation then increases the flow of blood to her uterus thus allowing the baby to descend into the mother’s pelvis. The expectant mother can induce the labor on her own or with her partner’s help.

Techniques to Induce Labor

There are four points and techniques that are used to induce labor. The first technique is Adjoining Valley Technique, in which pressure is applied on the Hoku point, the point where the thumb and the index finger meet. Using the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand, Hoku needs to be continually pinched and pushed. Doing this incites the large intestine, which encloses part of the uterus. This technique also proves to be a pain reliever. The second technique is Blue and High Technique, in which one has to massage the BL60 point, which lies between the ankle bone and Achilles’ Tendon. Doing this for about one minute makes the baby slip toward the pelvis.

The third technique is Shoulder Well technique, wherein one has to first find the highest point on the trapezius muscle, which connects the neck to the shoulder, and then press the point four fingers width away from this highest point. To know if you have got the right point, please keep in mind that the spot is the tenderest on the muscle. The three yin crossing technique requires one to press the spleen 6 point, which is placed about four fingers width above the ankle on the inside of the leg beside the calf muscle. Focus on the tender part and massage it while applying pressure for one minute. This technique develops the cervix and strengthens weak contractions. The bladder 32 spot is one finger width above the buttocks dimple, midway between the dimple and spine. Press this point for a minute. You must massage the points in circular motion till the point feels sore or tender. Stop pressing when you experience a contraction and restart after it has subsided. Repeat six cycles each time. You can use the techniques in the labor room to ease the pain as well.