June 18, 2010

Phlegm Bad Breath Remedies, Treatment & Causes

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Phlegm is the thick mucus like secretion of the nasal membranes that is usually expelled from the body during bouts of coughing. Bad breath is caused in an individual by sulfur producing anaerobic bacteria that is always found present in the mouth and other oral cavities. The primary task of these bacteria is to break down the food that is eaten. Many people have experienced that phlegm and bad breath tend to go hand in hand. This is because the bacteria present in the mouth also tend to break down the phlegm which contains plenty of protein. When protein is broken down by the bacteria it gets converted into sulfur. This sulfur has a foul odor which thus results in phlegm bad breath. Hence, the more phlegm present in the individual the more protein will be broken down and more sulfur will be releases. This sulfur tends to coat the tongue and throat resulting in phlegm bad breath. Many times phlegm is difficult to get rid of immediately and hence a faster solution would be to tackle the phlegm bad breath by limiting the number of bacteria present in the mouth and also neutralizing the sulfur at the same time. A home remedy for treatment against phlegm bad breath is a mixture of peroxide and baking soda which is to be used to gargle with as a mouthwash should not be swallowed. People who are on nasal drips also tend to suffer from phlegm bad breath.

The human nose acts as a natural filter which picks up bacteria, air pollutants and dust particles as a daily activity. Along with the usual production of mucus by the nasal membranes, this debris that are filtered by the nose are then swept by millions of tiny hair like structures called the cilia to the back of the throat and are then swallowed. Once swallowed the stomach will destroy any potentially dangerous bacteria present in the system. However, if the mucus is not swallowed and continues to remain in the back of the throat, the anaerobic bacteria would break down the protein that is found in the phlegm and the mucus. Individuals who suffer from the flu or cold tend to generate large amounts of mucus which then protects the bad breath causing bacteria from being exposed to oxygen as the oxygen will destroy the anaerobic bacteria. Hence, anaerobic bacterium is safely harbored by the mucus and continues to cause bad breath in the individual.