What is the cause and natural remedy for an ear infection in a 9 month old? We give her acidophilus for the course of antibiotics, but it keep coming back?

The Eustachian tubes in children are more likely to get blocked and thus create a favourable environment for bacteria. Recurrent ear infections are therefore common among infants, and are not necessarily a cause for worry. However, if your daughter continues to develop infections as regularly as thrice in five months, you should visit a ear specialist and find out whether there is some underlying problem.

The yeast infection is a common side effect of the antibiotics. When antibiotics are used to fight a bacterial infection, they often end up killing natural, healthy bacteria in the human body. As a result, yeast infections set in. Probiotics (acidophilus is a probiotic) are often prescribed along with antibiotics, in order to address this problem by replacing the natural bacteria in the body, but they are not always effective. The best thing to do is to avoid taking antibiotics altogether. In the case of ear infections at least, antibiotics are usually not needed. Most ear infections take their own course and disappear within a few days without any treatment, except for painkillers or home remedies to ease the symptoms. However, this is a call that your doctor should take. If the bacterial infection is particularly severe or persistent, it is not possible to avoid antibiotics.

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