October 28, 2009

Fungal Otitis Externa Home Remedies

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Natural Cure for Fungal Otitis Externa

Otitis Externa is a common disease that is restricted to no specific age group or sex. It is more commonly related to a bacterial infection but can sometimes be caused by a fungal infection as well. While the condition rarely causes prolonged problems or any serious complications, the infection is responsible for a significant amount of pain and acute morbidity.

Otitis Externa is a superficial infection of the skin in the ear canal. Two of the most common causes that may lead to this condition are: moisture being trapped within the ear canal (as this would create a good breeding ground for bacteria) and trauma to the ear canal that will allow invasion of organisms through the damaged skin. This happens most commonly when a person attempts to clean the ear with a cotton swab, paper clip or any sharp object that could damage the ear.

Otitis Externa can lead to many complications such as:

  • Loss of hearing
  • A discharge from the ear
  • Cellulites on the face or neck
  • Redness coloration on the ear canal.
  • Occasional fever
  • A sever pain that will appear to generate from the middle ear.

Specifically looking at Fungal Otitis Externa, as the name suggests – it is triggered by a fungal infection rather than a bacterial one. Fungal Otitis Externa is usually caused by the over-treatment of the ear canal with tropical antibiotics although it is also, less frequently, caused by moisture that maybe trapped in the ear canal. Fungal Otitis Externa will contribute to around 10% of all Otitis Externa cases. A past medical history of diabetes is likely to be present in a patient that contracts the disease. The physical examination will normally show a growth of fungal appearance of various colors. It must always be remembered that, since this can spiral into a much more complicated condition, that prevention is always better than cure. So before jabbing that cotton ear bud into your ear, simply because of an itch, think about the complications that could develop if things go wrong.

Listed are a few trusted home remedies for fungal otitis externa that would help with the condition:

  • Using an ear dropper put some juice extracted from holy basil leaves into the ear to treat the infection.
  • One of the simplest and most natural remedies to treat an ear infection is to soak a cotton ball in ginger juice and leave it in the ear for some time.